Кевин (mmn) wrote,


Some people in this fucking building really have issues, I've been *trying* to get 200 things done for 30 different people at one time so of course that means I'm busy.

To prevent my on coming madness I had to forward all my calls to voicemail as there is shit that needs to be done and it's not getting done at this rate.

Now I was downstairs for a good 30 minutes trying to get this problem sorted and somebody decides it's perfectly OK to leave a laptop on my chair as if I were to know what it's about and how to fix it.

This pisses me off to an extreme, no I have no fucking idea what needs doing to this and the lack of note is not helping. Bah, I've had it, I'm leaving a sign on my desk that reads

Any item left on this desk without a note will be auctioned off on ebay, the funds from that transaction will be used to aid my soon-to-be alcohol problem.

The Management

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