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I got up early this morning to pick up my Nintendo (NES) from the Postal Whores(TM) who consider 10:45am to be "on time", but that is not this issue, I was up around 6:30 and left the house an hour later and arrived at the post office shortly after with a body count of '0' which is quite good considering at one point I was unable to see the large mound of grass in the centre of a roundabout due to fog.

Moving along, I went up to the desk put my little card down and went for my ID to prove I am who I am and that it is *my* package, but of course the Postal Twat(TM) didn't really care and pushed it in my direction without even confirming it was me.

Now, for the rest of today my Nintendo is in the boot of my car screaming "PLAY ME, PLAY ME NOW!"


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