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[amusing subject line here]

Today has been fairly quiet so far, the only 'real' events were that one person tried to re-despatch an already (as it seems) despatched item, which was solved when, well, I'm not quite sure when, but I haven't heard a thing so that may be a good sign.

The next problem is that somebody ordered an/some item(s) and did so as a service and not as a product, the barcode system of course won't have any of it and probably with good cause too.

Then I went to lunch, headed towards Safeway and got my self a tub of "PASTA 'n SHIT" which I'm slowly eating with my plastic spork. I also got some Instant Lemon Tea for my afternoon enjoyment but everybody else has nicked all the drinking devices so I'm unable to make it :o(

On my way back I fed The Bitch and also got myself a car wash so I could re-do the rain away stuff as yesterday it proved that I had obviously not put enough on.

I also had the joy of finding that some kind of liquid had condensed in my high-vis break light making it look as if some insects were having wild sweaty sex in there, I was not amused. I cleaned up most of it, but I think it may just end up doing it again later this evening.

Now I'm going to go back to being angsty over the lack of tea drinking due to evil co-worker intervention.

P.S. New icon.

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