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Dear Live Journal Reader Person Silly Guy,

It's now 0446 on Saturday morning, I have about 5h16m before I have to wake up for work. That sucks mega hooch daddy. On a unrelated note I bought the fourth Harry Potter book called The Goblet of Fire, I did this coz when I finished the last book (#3) at Castle Frank Station at 1115-ish yesterday morning (friday) I figured "what the @#$% am I gunna do on the Subway now??? Converse with the jumpers and creeps?" so I got off at Bay station, walked over to chapters in the rain and spent $35 on the ~700 page book, so far I'm at 20 pages and already I'm angry that Peter Petigrew is back in cahoots with Voldemort!!!!!

Anyways, I should end this sillyness for now, and just to let you know I WILL post the url to the mini-meet between me, nick and eric.


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