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I have an official hit list now, in fact I have a black binder-book-type-object that reads "The Not-So-Big Book of Misc. Items and Evil Spells" which is to cover up the items inside it called "People who lie" and "People who fuck about and blame me".

I also have a single person who is starting to fuck me off, he's playing games and he's going to get burnt. His usual is "my laptop doesn't work wah wah wah wah" and our usual response is "it does work, but if you don't fuck with the settings there wouldn't be a problem".

I have devoted 10 minutes daily to print out his dial-up logs (courtesy UK Online) stick them in the book and when he cries foul I will use the ugliest, brightest and yellowest (i doubt that is a real word) highlighting pen and I'll write venomous notes next to it too!

HAHA, Check mate mother fucker.

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