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There are dumb people and then there are the really cool people...

Gemma is cool, even though she's surounded by idiots. I'm not quite sure how she managed not to become one of them yet, so I'm well impressed.

Hi Kevin,

Great news. I'm all excited (sad aren't I!!) as this one is getting worse. That's cool I'm sure I can set it up if its all colour coded. Once its here and set up I'll ring you.

Kind regards

That email is a great example, it's not shitty, quite friendly AND it doesn't include the usual "HOW AM I SUSPOSED TO KNOW THAT THE BLUE BITS GO INTO THE BLUE SOCKET?!?!" that a few others in there usually grace my inbox with.

Another good thing is she has actually read my email, which I know from the last line, most of them would have stopped by "I'm sending your new computer" and just fucked around with it and broke it the second they received it.


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