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An open letter...

Dear cyclists,

If you EVER cycle like this muppet I will run you off the road to make a point.

I'm in town going towards the Somefield car park and this cyclist is about to bolt out in front of me (as they all do) so I stop, he doesn't go (considering it is my right of way in the first place he should have waited anyways) so I continue, then he turns into the road and keeps up with my blind spot so now I'm paying attention to the idiot beside me and not the idiots infront of me, thankfully nothing bad really happened but this fool still followed me in the stupid same place.

This is why I think there should be road tax for cycles, even if it's £1 they should require to take a three page question and answer, multiple choice and essay exam before getting their tax discs. Some people are just too stupid to walk on a road let alone cycle down one.


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