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Diva Cherie

I'm having one of those days...

You know when you have one of those days where sex isn't an option, it's a requirement?

Well I am!

I need to be done like a french hooker on a saturday night.

You may now resume your business.

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I would offer if the big pond wasn't in the way

BLOG CHAIN MESSAGE to madsquirrel - pass it on


 The Passion of the Christ ( 

in theaters February 25

The Passion of the Christ - trailer (
another site (
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This is a chain comment - post to FIVE of your blog friends in order to keep this going - pray for salvation and peace!

Simply VIEW the page SOURCE with your browser, find where it says CUT_HERE_HOMES for the beginning and end of where to cut! Paste that as your comment. Thank you for passing this on to FIVE blog friends!


Re: BLOG CHAIN MESSAGE to madsquirrel - pass it on

OMFG! You got Jesus-spammed!

Re: BLOG CHAIN MESSAGE to madsquirrel - pass it on

The lord must hate me now. It now seems there is no question what so ever, I AM going to hell.

Re: BLOG CHAIN MESSAGE to madsquirrel - pass it on



Oi fucktard aka " (" plz no spam me kthanx.


I received blog spam from one of your clients (ip address: the offending material can be found here:

Please deal with your customer(s) so this may not be allowed to happen again.


Kevin Costelloe - email
01225 XXX XXX - telephone
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Have sex with the Jesus poster!

you're not the only one darlin!

I'm *desperate* for M to come home, I'm crawling the walls here

You think thats bad. Upon driving home I found it nessarry to change gears frequently, infact I think I was doing it quite sexually too.

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