Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Uneventful night..

.. well sort of. David is slightly pissed I am sober, now I didn't feel like drinking so it's not a problem, but he's made me recall why I don't drive drunk people.

First was on the dual carriageway out of town, some boy racer decided to overtake me at 100mph+ which is not fine, but it's his choice, his life, his licence. David decides to take a stand, by of course turning on my full beams, I then have to stop paying attention to whats on the road and stop what he has just done, I yelled at him. Now sure, the idiot was going far beyond the immedate ban speed but if he had run off the road of hit anything it's MY ASS that goes down for it as he could say "that bloke in the Mirca blinded me, thats why" I can also be done for dazzling a another driver, and lets face it, who do you think the police are going to go for? If you guessed the boy racer, you're wrong, it's not worth the risk to them to try and get him they'll do me, I'm easier (plus the police round these parts have no clue what is more life threatening).

Then as were almost home he starts playing with my handbrake and I have a small red light indicating this to me, I yell again. This time I make a point of "If we hit a bump and you pull my handbrake we're going to go from 60 to 0 faster than an emergency stop."

So that is why I will no longer drive the intoxicated, or at least make sure they're far past the point where they're concious let alone moving.

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