Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Ariel Sharon had "opened the gates of hell".

Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, spiritual head of Palestinian militant group Hamas, has been killed in an Israeli air strike.

You have two points in this one, first is from what I can understand this man needed to go at some point in time but not now and not like this and secondly this is going to cause shit loads of problems as one can quite clearly see in this line "We will send death to every house, every city, every street in Israel," shouted Hamas militants through loudspeakers. and to be honest I don't think they're talking bollocks they will do it to make a point.

My next suggestion for this region, drugs, every man, womand and child, Palistian and Jewish strung out on E. Why obtain peace when it's available in state required pill form!

I have seriously lost hope for this region, they're eventually going to kill eachother off, it's OBVIOUS, nobody wants to stand down for the better good. And to be quite morbidly serious I hope they do end up killing each other off then somebody might just realise when the last two are standing that it was all for NOTHING and that they should have learned this before first blood was drawn.

edit: I just realised I cut out an entire paragraph that makes it all look right and proper.

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