Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I have received a telephone call

... it was from First Direct's security department, confirming I requested to have an account opened with them and that (after my confirmation of course) that my account would be activated tonight and I would receive my plastic money card and dust collecting book (cheques) within 7 days (and of course a welcome pack with various threatening words like "interest" and "fees").

Now I need to fill out the "Piss off you bitches" form which they'll use to move across any direct debits and standing orders (BUT I need to find out about my loan direct debit as I'm not too sure how NatWest will deal with that, as I saw her check "suckle finances slowly and painfully from client account".

And soon I shall have this all arranged any try out TEXTAPHONE BANKING.

YAY, etc.

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