Кевин (mmn) wrote,

I've purchased a VoIP phone (Budge Tone 101) for use with Gradwell's VoIP phone service.

Once it goes live the line rental and call charges are much less than telewests so it's quite sensable, plus if I go away I can also either bring the handset with me and attach it to a broadband connection or I can use a program over my laptop, so instead of paying extortonate hotel call charges I can almost get away with it :)

I feel like a technowhore ;o)

edit: give it a try on 0870 930 0035 [national rate number - 6.7 ppm peak, 3.4 off peak and 1.3ppm at weekends (BT rates)] 0117 306 0231 [local or national depending where you are], it's a temporary number as it's still in the trial stage, but it works flawlessly. If i'm not around or if the phone is logged off leave a message as I'd like to give the voicemail a go aswell.

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