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Ohh shiny things

Why fuck you too sir.

I've just been very ill and I haven't had any drink tonight.

I got up not too long ago (3:50am) to go and release some urine, I went back to bed and failed to get to sleep, then about 10 minutes ago I felt as if something wasn't quite right but not urgently not right, so I made my way to the toilet, I coughed and liquid came flying out. Thankfully I stopped *most* of it before it hit the floor and I promptly made my way to the toilet where I really went at it for about 5 minutes.

I'm not exactly sure what prompted this and quite frankly I'm going to make my body pay for this as I'm now tired and in minor pain (and I still have little bits of undigested foodstuffs in my nose).

Oh, it's also a monday today, great timing on my part.