Кевин (mmn) wrote,


Kevin Spacey "mugged". As heard on Radio 4 this morning Kevin fell for the oldest trick in the book, a yoof gave him a sop story about needing to call his mummy and of course Kevin "No Brains Here Guv" Spacey dialed the number and handed his mobile to the yoof. Without fail the yoof legged it and Spacey went after him only to fall flat on his face.

As a nation we should unite and LAUGH at him, first for being quite stupid, secondly for being a hollywood star and being that stupid and third for telling porkies to hide the fact he is quite stupid.

Next in the news...

Bluetooth phones spark public sex craze. Something new that we can all do with our Bluetooth enabled handsets, solicit for sex, hurrah for technology!

And finally, I have now offically quit my job.

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