Кевин (mmn) wrote,


I just called the credit card company to inform them of what occured over the weeked as I can see them sending out shitty letters without first checking my account is indeed up to date and fully paid off, because they're a financial instutition and they're quite good at doing things like that.

I've also got to post back my crazy zombie dvds which I watched on saturday, it made my weekend. Another thing I really need to get on with is checking my finances and putting them as low as I possibly can. This may mean I "mistakenly" drop my credit card into the shredder and can no longer use it.

I've also got to have some pay flow post end-of-May or first direct will go mental about me opening an account then not paying anything in after a few months time (whist still having things go out).

I also need to sell my body so I can do all the fun stuff for June being road tax, insurance and MOT, which thankfully hit me at the same time. And the problem is I now can't just SORN it as I do quite need the vehicle to bring me around to interviews and various paid workings that I hope to obtain.

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