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Ohh shiny things

I think...

... I'm going to chunder.

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No, it's down the bog.

All the way in Ireland? Will you be back for your tea?

Re: Spock Says

Well, you see I needn't worry about my tea as it will come up to see me.

Wow, a few minutes with our Irish cousins and you are speaking in fluent poetry!

Eugh, throwing up is TEH UNCOOL KTHX

Would you like it if I uploaded all of that hilare Willliam Hung album for you to download and listen to?

William Hung would make my day, please do.

I shall upload them tonight, I shall, unless you happen to have BitTorrent.

I have no bits or torrent unfortunatly :o(

I recommend "Hotel California", which will have you dying of laughter. I have also handily included a track listing, just in case you want to order them by track number or whatever.

Will you be transferring them in the usaul way - load them onto a laptop and purposefully forget the laptop in a busy café somewhere or on a train?

Re: Spock Says

No, I'll just give them to you in broad daylight. I do however suggest wearing some kind of bullet proof vest as MI5 are a bit trigger happy at times.

Aha, ok, I have a string vest and the sight of it stops most things in its tracks. I shall wear that.

Re: Spock Says

Ok then, would you like some secrets about nuclear weapons programmes or photos of Tony Blair and a cow?

The photos please, unless the cow is Cherie.

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