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Farewell and Thank You.

04/28/2004 05:18 pm


First of all, let me say that this has been a great run. I had no idea Listen-To would be this popular and that so many people would enjoy the service it would provide. It has grown tremendously at a very fast rate, and has been a great learning experience overall.

Due to lack of time, effort, and support the site will be shut down indefinitely sometime in June. All features will be shut off, and the site will be unavailable. All paid memberships are being refunded in the next week or so to account for the June shut-off.

So, you may be asking yourself.. "Now What?". There are a few other sites that do exactly what Listen-To does, searching Google should turn up a few. One that has a very similar service is AudioScrobbler. That is the one I will be moving to (as a user) when Listen-To's server gets shut off. One note, AudioScrobbler is facing many of the challenges we were facing. Many users, and little money to work with. If you do decide to use their service, please don't hesitate to donate them some money. It can only make things better.

So, what about the Listen-To code? I will not be releasing any of the source code to the public, since the site will be offline shortly after the site is closed. And what about the data? All data will be erased when the site is offline, you should not worry about any of your personal information (email, ip, etc). It will all be destroyed securely.

Thanks again for all of your support over the last year and a half.

Direct any questions to me AT listen-to DOT com



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