Кевин (mmn) wrote,


Two things....

One, HRH Micra has passed her test, but she had two things that needed to be sorted at some stage. First one being the front brake pad is getting low and the second is, and I quote, slight movement is N/S/R anti-roll bar link. If anybody has a clue what the second one is, please place your answers on a postcard.

Also, I rang up V Mobile, they're keeping my details and will ring me back when they start recruiting, which they suspect will be in July/August time. They gave me an example of the hour/day patterns which work in a two week rota from about 1pm to 12am and it's shifts, which isn't a problem at all. But they days they're looking for on week one is Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and on week two it will be Monday and Wednesday. So I have a fair bit of time to get my various plans back into motion.

Other than that I have no more real news. Boo.

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