Кевин (mmn) wrote,

An open letter.

Dear Record Companies,

Lick my fucking bollocks. I have attempted to obtain a song via the more than legal iTunes service, but they did not have it so I decided to download a copy off a p2p network as you have selected not to make it available to me.

However, your seeding of dodgy tracks is most annoying and quite frankly you should stop it. Now before you say I'm an evil man and that I should have gone in to a shop to purchase the CD you should listen up. My nearest music shop is about 10-20 miles away, now to get there it costs me a small sum in petrol, then you sell me an overpriced piece of plastic for a price in excess of 20 Pounds Stirling. Now seeing as you're all American I should point this out in your currency, this is roughly 36 United States Dollars and 61 United States Cents.

Yeah, fuck you and you overpaid cunts can pay for my petrol too bastards.

Kind Regards,

Keviquah Shareefah LaTrice Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackson.

ps. I sent you a bomb, let me know if it doesn't arrive as I'll need to look for
the sorting office that turned in to a hole in the ground (or that fucking pikey postmans "house")

edit: Many more open letters here.

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