Кевин (mmn) wrote,

We shant have any of that activity here young man!

I had quite a slow day today, which was nice,even though we started early today for the footie.

I hit Shittenham and Man-Milksham atvery good points in the traffic timings, instead of idiling away for 45 minutes I got there in about 25-30 which isn't bad at all. Then on the way home I left at 4* and manged to get in to The Market Place (Melksham) within 15 minutes from leaving work which has a classification of FUCKIN' ACE.

Tomorrow I'm going in to Devizes with former work peoples, such as Victoria, Ashleigh and I assume EasyPants™ will follow suit (see in store display for details).

Anyways, randomness aside, I quite like the company I'm temping for *cough*Wavin*cough*, but like all good things it must end (next friday) and I'm probably going back to Sweat Shop. MANY INTERNET :(

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