Кевин (mmn) wrote,


I had an odd day. Two people were off work today, one by design and the other because he's quite ill.

This wasn't a problem as I was *expecting* the one up from the both of them to be there all day, which was a no go as she was off in Bristol with the printers. So I was left to my own devices, but nobody quite realised that until somebody came around to find one of them and was a bit shocked to see I was on my own and that the office didn't have much of a clue about it. It was fine to be alone, but the health and safety aspect behind it is quite large, such as if the building explodes nobody will be aware of me actually being there, with the exception of the visitors list at security, but lets face it, if the entire building goes that list goes with it.

Anyways, moving on, all was well until the Night Frieght bloke came an hour early, so I rushed to finish that bits while he fucked off for 30 minutes, this would have been successful except the label printer decided to HATE ME and stopped working. In the end I got two packages out via night frieght, the rest are sitting on the floor waiting to go out on monday.

I finished most things at around 20 past four, so I was let off early only to wait in a traffic queue for 30 minutes as a result of a FARCE (First) IT-AINT-BUGDIN'-MATE (Badger Line) bus dying at the side of the road. Harr harr.


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