Кевин (mmn) wrote,


Somehow this fucking adult sex text thing, shortcode 89398, has obtained my number and is now sending me texts at a cost of £1.50. I received the first one today at 2:40pm without warning or first sending a text to it, bam, it sent me a message.

At first I ignored it as text spam, until of course I received the second one which charged me alerting me to more chargable messages the following day about "no strings sex in your area".

At the moment I'm out of pocket £3 for the STOP message and the unsolicited second message, so needless to say I'm FUMING. I've reported it to O2 and ICSTIS. But now I need to ring ICSTIS and inform them of the change of events from mindless spam to plain old everyday scamming.

I've tried ringing the 10p a minute number (0871) that's attached to the organisation who operates the number, but oddly enough a "cleaner" picked up the telephone and denied thier company controlled this shortcode. Odd I never knew a cleaner to pick up phones "after hours" or even one that had some ideas of the day-to-day business of the company they come in and clean for.

I'm well vexed now, I want them to pay out my £3 and 17 units of their blood.

edit: It's not just me who is receiving these messages it seems. Updates on the blood bath later.

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