Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Nokia making RSI common.

Today I was up at 7:30am to get ready to wait for Suckuricore-Crapega as I expected them to do the Parcel Force (knock on the door and do a runner), however, as it seems they're now DHL so that standard is up and I actually got my package at 9am, score!

Now I've already got the phone out and running and I've also got most of my contacts on it, it has TEH AOLZ so I can be online when and where ever (for 75p a day [if I logon], plus gprs usage cost of course) and if I can get it working I can do my emails too, so I may not ever have a use for a computer again (well except for porn).

I'm most happy now, but there is one problem, Nokia obviously designed this to cause injury and pain, the phone is oddly shaped and the buttons are tiny as well as quite low so typing out a whole sentance requires the phone to be passed between hands as not to get some crazy RSI thingy bob.

Oh and one more thing, dj_levia Nokia and O2 seem not to like you this morning, I made an attempt to send you a photo message but a no-go and when I OMG TXT0R3D you it never returned a delivery receipt. You'll need to find your nearest mast and apologise to the network god for what ever you've done to have it smite you in such a way.

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