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Diva Cherie

I bring you TEH FUNZ.

Tomorrow for a month (hopefully) I'm attempting to use TEH PUBLIK TRANZPERT rather than my metalic mail-order-money-eating-Russian-bride of a car as it's far beyond what I can afford and I could use alot more walking.

Anyways, tomorrow morning I'm heading out stupid early (probably 7:20) and walking to Melksham train station where I will go on the 8:12 to Chippenham which is direct and will take only 12 minutes (rather than the 7:11 with a travel time of 1h51m) and get me there for about half eight, then I need to walk from the station to the industrial estate which is about 20 minutes.

Sure I've increased my journey time from 20-30 minutes to about two hours, but, I'll save about a tenner or so every fortnight (in the long run) in fuel AND I can prolong my requirement to spend serious bling for a service with the non-existant usage of my car AND I'll become un-fat in the process (plus I'll actually fall victim to fresh air syndrome)!

And on Thursday I'll be attempting to go by bus and see which takes less time and less money.

Wish me luck.