Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Blimmin trainz.

I'm here at Chippenham station waiting for the Wessex train to Sarfampton which goes past (and stops in) Melksham which is great as I live in Melksham! This amazing feat from NetworkRailTrackBritishRail never seems to terminate my amazement (unlike the 1805 to Paddington, which terminates at Paddington).

Anyways, er, I've lost my train of thought (harr harr), yes, I'm TEH BORED and it cost me a squid to pass the time as my CRAPO TRAIN arrives to take me TO A DUMP ON THE SKIRTS OF MELKSHAM.

I'm bored. Oh yes. I've registered THE COOLEST INTERWEB NAME EVER ON THE INTERWEBNETWORK, but I shant tell you what it is yet because I haven't put a cool kooky krazay "COMING SOON INNIT" page-picture.

btw, 20 minutes to train, 10 to my end of compootar.

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