Кевин (mmn) wrote,

On a serious note..

.. I feel down and like I'm drifting in to nowhere, then I realised, it's because I expected to be dead by 18-19 (for various reasons) so I never got around to actually planning past that point. Whoops.

Anyways, today I've done nothing, in fact, I've sat here all day and watched the laundry float about in the air. It floated in to it's place all on it's very own, amazing, the dishes also did the same, brilliant AND amazingly still this morning bread appeared from thin air, then I walked outside and saw two 15kg bags of dog food suddenly appear. WHAT AN ODD DAY!

I guess it is true, shit just magically happens without my intervention.


dj_levia knows exactly what I'm going on about and I'm sure a few other do too. Oh this is also a public post because I thought it's high time that EVERYBODY knows I have problems, in fact, everybody should know I'm utterly fucked up.

Hoorah, I've done it. Anyways, I'm now very unsure what to do now, as in 100% unsure, I'm sort of a zombie at the minute drifiting day to day.

Bah. I'm rambling, I'll stop now.

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