Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Fuck off iMove.

I absolutly HATE the new version of iPoovie, it's more fucking wank than the last version. Before you could import music from your iTunes library, which is great, but now in the NEW AND IMPROOOVED version you can, but you can use CD music. Bollocks to that, I have a wicked idea for a short 60 second film/trailer and I can't do it because I can't get the PERFECT MUSIC to go with it as iPoovie doesn't want to play fair.

Seondly, iPoovie doesn't allow for visual editing, SHIT. AND FINALLY, iPoovie refuses to do text over video. FUCK OFF.


I'm also still really annoyed with the grazes on my mobile, I can't bear to use the piece of shit now because of it, I can't look at the screen without wanting to smash it from disgust (it looks like it has perminant smudges on it and it's hard to read).

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