Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Cunting Phone.

I think I found a solution to my shitty phone problem, you see it appears that the fascias that are being flogged off just about everywhere on eBay come with the "glass" plate on them. Now I should have really thought of that first, but when I get in to a huff I need to be brought down to earth, not assisted in getting myself deeper and deeper.

So after a bit of chilling out (by adding 300 auctions for Nokia 6600s to my watch list) I had a nose around on the fascias and I got myself one for about a tenner. I also tried removing the other one, which was a bad idea as I now have a hair in the middle of the screen (I never got as far as to fully remove it).

Hopefully in a few days time I'll have this shit sorted (and I'll be getting a new case as well seeing as nokia use cheap shit plastic).

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