Кевин (mmn) wrote,

[Cock Hungry Teen Sluts] w00t t0uc|-| m3 b00b0r5

Do you want salad with that?

Do you want a slap?

ZIG ZAG HA HO CHA, I'm so Spice Girls it hurts. I'm amazed how LJ finally posted an email from the Blogger send service and it's about fucking time too as it means I needn't update both seperatly as I can do it all in one go, HOORAH!

Today was uneventful, except that I was getting fucking texts all morning since 3am when I was sleeping, then David's alarm on his phone joined in going off once at five and again 15 minutes later. I wasn't impressed.

Tonight me thinks is curry night, yay for indian food. I'm also wishing to encourage anybody with a three video mobile phone to video call me on 07782 261 596 (or, if I'm not mistaken internationally on +44 7782 644 226 - video phone number).

Shh! There are eyes on them hills.....

.... or some interbred Wiltshire hillbillies, SQUEEL LIKE A PIG BOY, SQUEEEEEEEEE.


Posted by Kevin Costelloe to Cock Hungry Teen Sluts at 8/27/2004 09:47:03 AM

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