Кевин (mmn) wrote,

[Cock Hungry Teen Sluts] DO NOT FEED THE CANNIBALS!

Last night I watched Cannibal Holocaust last night and it was, err, unusual to say the least. I would suggest you watch it (and if you're choosing to subscribe to LoveFilm quote my email address kevin @ madsquirrels.com).

And speaking of last night, at around 3am I had thought I heard two people in the house and the dogs growling at them, but, you see as I was 95% asleep and only 5% awake my dream filled mind had control meaning there wasn't any people in the house, but there was dog growling, which is probably because I ended up using Charlie as a pillow.

I also did the lawn, I hated it, it hated me. Fair play.

Posted by Kevin Costelloe to Cock Hungry Teen Sluts at 8/28/2004 02:00:10 PM

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