Кевин (mmn) wrote,


I hate today. I really really do.

First off, my direct debits have once again pushed me above my limit, now I have a £25 charge because I was £9 short, do the maths on that one because I can't.

Next we have my cold which started to flare up during the day, so much so that my head felt as if it was large enough to become the second moon.

Then I'm greeted at home by dog shit and a "OMG U R PASSED DUE" letter, which is odd considering they actually haven't informed me until today (this dates back to May) and that the account is past due on a whopping 1p, well now £3.01 because they've pre-charged me for paying by cash, cheque or credit card, fuckers. So tonight/tomorrow I'll be calling their India branch to teach them what "fucksocks", "cuntface", "penis breath", "spunk monkey", "cock riding slut bitch" and "fucking pile of donkey wank fucker cunt whore vagina bitch" means and probably a few more choice words.

And finally our neighbour with an ego that is probably the size of his waist has yet again parked in front of their house because carrying 12 loo rolls and four tubs of catering sized dips is obviously too much of a strain to do from an extra few yards to the left. I think I'll print out an A1 sized "You're a fucknut, cuntface!" poster for him as he's obviously unable to see a brightly coloured card (which has been there since last month).

Posted by Kevin Costelloe to Cock Hungry Teen Sluts at 9/27/2004 06:51:40 PM

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