Кевин (mmn) wrote,

[Cock Hungry Teen Sluts] Bloody hippies, GET A HAIR CUT AND A JOB!

I'm angry. There isn't a single working biro in the area, it must be that evil Dr. Ming fellow!

On friday I'm getting a MacDonalds because I'm tired of being skint and quite frankly the bland food I've been feeding myself with my pennies is starting to make me want to kill myself so I need something different and with enough fat to last me a month.

Bertha needs feeding again, bought her a tenner in petrol on saturday night, it's almost gone now.

Credit card needs feeding to, O2 require the same, NatWest loans and Direct Line too.

Bah. Soon my dears I shall be off this "just slightly above minimum wage" crap and back on a monthly payment (which is much better than pissing weekly).

Posted by Kevin Costelloe to Cock Hungry Teen Sluts at 10/13/2004 09:26:46 AM

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