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Copy and paste this to your blogs, journals and porn sites:

Since America is probably going to destroy the planet within the next few months with Bush still in power, I have devised this letter to be posted to HRH Queen Elizabeth. Please print, sign and date it.

Your Royal Majesty,

As you have probably already been told George W Bush has been voted in by the people of the United States Of America. This proves that they are no longer capable of ruling themselves in a sane or logical manner.

As most [your nationality here] agree, we are probably doomed to eternal terrorism, wars and corruption brought on by this President and his nation of lambs*, this is why I write to you today and urge you to take back this former colony and install a proper government. I also wish, if not beg, you to fix it's errors in [insert countries in "war" with America - update as required] and bring peace back to these lands.

Kind Regards OR Your loyal subject**

[Sign here]

Post this to:
HRH Queen Elizabeth
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA.

Hopefully if she receives enough of these she'll either, take over or just burn all incoming post.

* = Obviously not all Americans are lambs.
** = Only use for persons living in and born in the UK and commonwealth countries.

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