Кевин (mmn) wrote,


Today is good and bad.

Bank Good:
Whilst having a good moan to NatWest about a "card misuse" fee which is utter bollocks they offered to 'consolodate' my overdraft on that account and knock it back down to a free account. Fair Enough.

Bank Bad:
The loan is now at 25.3% APR and is over three years, but I can have the loan re done in 6-8 months time. Also bad, they're taking away the Switch on the account and sticking it with a Solo, which is also changeable after 6 months. But considering that I never use this account anymore I'm not fussed.

Universe Bad:
I'm almost out of petrol and I probably won't be able to come to work tomorrow unless I can magic (or borrow) the cash.

Universe Really Bad:
My money troubles are still that, but they're slowly sorting themselves out. But I'm still always skint.

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