Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Because Jesus hates me...

Good thing: I have made a crazy script to send an automatic email to my ebay buyers when I send an item out, it includes a telephone number for tracking (or a note to call 'the main number' [read: mine] if the number isn't public). It works and all is sorted.

Bad thing: The bank are being cunts, crazy cunts. I have £124 in my bank account, all of which is available, I also have a loan payment for £163 going out on Wednesday. Now the shitty cash point says OMG U DUN HAV TEH MONEY 2 GET £120!!!111, fine, fair enough, so I enter £110, again OMGLOLZ NO MONEY!!!111, fine again, £80 HERE UR MOEY, THNX FOR £1.50 CHARG LOLZ!!!11, fine, again £20 LOLZ GLUTTONE 4 PUNISHMENT, £20 + £1.50, HAHAHA I HAV £3 NOW!!!!111. Needless to say I need to get my hands on that last £20 or else I'm fucked.

Another bad thing: I now need to leave the house at ten to eight because some Railtrack cunt decided to close of the main road in Chippenham to do some stupid shit on a railway arch, appearently it'd fall down or something, but then again the trains don't go anywhere anyways so it's no excuse to fuck up my journey.

In good news, I managed to get a full tank of petrol, in hindsight, I think thats why it won't let me touch my remaining cash, because I authorised it off my switch card. Oops, I guess that'll be a card misuse fee then (and of course I now need to magic up the extra money, oops x2).

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