Кевин (mmn) wrote,


People with letters after their name prove the obvious.

I think anybody could have easily told you this, in fact, I could have told you that since it now takes me 50-60 minutes to go 9 miles (via THREE school zones now due to road works).

In other stress related news, O2 have threatened to bar my service again because they didn't bother requesting my money via direct debit. If my phone stops working I'm going to go nuclear on them (and possibly port off my number).

But oddly enough I called them this morning in a huff about the same matter, to which I was told "because your last direct debit failed [the one that the bank put a stop to as per the direct debit guarentee, which they were told about and why it happened] the system didn't put it through your direct debit and we need to set it up again". I wonder when they would have told me about that, before or after the court summons? Cunts.

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