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I'm going to get a call from the bank at some point, threatening me (again) for being £22 overdrawn (to which they'll charge me £30 for) and demanding I pull the funds out of my arse to pay them in OR ELSE!!1111 (they'll charge me again).

How very annoying. Also because the agency claims the "bank holidays are too close together we can't pay you on the week following the 24th, hut we'll pay you on the 7th" oh hooray, let us not forget I have to live on £168 for two weeks, with a payment of £150 for my loan, £112 in bank charges (yeah, how do you help the low incomed, YOU CHARGE THEM!) and £68 for insurance. Anybody with basic maths can tell that I'm £162 short of this figure. But this also excludes my credit card repayment, mobile phone bill and a few other bits and bobs over that period (like petrol).

It's nice to see that collectively the bank has managed to cancel Christmas, so I hope none of you are expecting gifts until mid March (2006).

Edit: I'm tempted to tell them (if/when they call) that "I can not get to a branch today as I'm catching the train to London between stations" to get them off my back until Friday, but it's more than likely to backfire and the police will probably end up coming around to my house, or even scouring the tracks between Bristol and London. And I'm so not up for a jail sentance/fine for wasting police time.

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