Кевин (mmn) wrote,

2005, Shit I need to do.

Ok, for 2005 this is my list of things that needs 'a changin':

1. Learn to tackle my fear of Motorways. Yes, motorways scare the shit out of me.
2. Do shit. More shit. Shit outside with people (not literally shit outside in a group).
3. Have my passport re-issued, it's been over a year since I destroyed it and it's about time I had it fixed.
4. Drive over to Ireland and visit the father's side of the family.
4a. Purchase stab vest.
4b. And CS spray.
5. Drive to Milton Keynes.
6. Drive to see Me home gurl (Sassy!).
6a. Refer to 4a & 4b.
7. Drive to France, specifically near St. Tropez and visit people.
8. Buy a new used-car (funding dependant).
9. Get less of a shit job and shit money.

Er, yes, thats all I can think of at the moment.

Anyways, I've also got to lose alot of weight because I'm headed straight for 'fat cow' at this rate and I also have to realise I can do things for free and go out even when I'm skint (which I haven't done in ages).

I also need more local friends as well, I know shed loads of people outside my county but hardly anybody in it, so if you're in Wiltshire anywhere and want to just meet up and wander about with a random stranger, then text me on 07734 653 887!

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