Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Hooray and Booray.

Hooray: I got my free £6 in vouchers from Avery, thank you place of business for not being smart enough NOT to buy boxes of labels with "FREE INSIDE, VOUCHERS FOR BOOTS", so I win!.

Booray: Both jobs I interviewed for I didn't get a chance at. Hooray for MORE poverty. Also I need to make up £200 in about 7 days or I suspect HSBC will take me to court. HOORAY!

I also spent 15 minutes frantically trying to locate £2.50 in Tesco vouchers. HOORAY FOR DESPERATION!

Also, it appears the cow bitch at the place I'm at now is most upset that I've been coming in late, I'm a bit supprised at this as by her own admission she's pretty much fessed up to leading me on over the past 7 months with a 'job prospect' (read: she's been saying "oh yes, were going to hire you by the end of the month"). Yes, I'm an idiot for believing her, but quite frankly she's taking the piss now. I'm unmotovated, occasionally suicidal and here she is moaning that I'm 15 minutes late. Cunt.

I've also rang up another agency to see if they can get me better paid temporary jobbery, the PAYE will go ape shit and charge me 40%, but fuck it I'd rather have something than a court summons.

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