Кевин (mmn) wrote,


welford-costelloe.net has expired, which I thought nothing of until I realised that my CV has my email address down as kevin(-NOSPAM-at-KBISEX-)welford-costelloe.net. So it looks like I may need to save it.

However, I've created a BT Internet pay & go account so I could get the email address kevincostelloe-NOJONKMAIL*-(at)-PLZNOSPAM-btinternet.com which will suffice on a CV (as using madsquirrels.com/net will, err, give them too much information).

* I do realise "Jonk Mail" is incorrect, but I insist on using it like that since I saw a note on one of those shared in the wall mailbox things they have in high rise buildings, reading NO JONK MAIL PLEASE. It was a shame I didn't have a camera device as it was funny as (at the time).

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