Кевин (mmn) wrote,



Yesterday, I got home early, which was groovy and I found that the bastard cunting postman had delivered me a wonderful joyus gift of my two rental DVDs with one of them being Dawn of the Dead (the new one).

I was estatic as the zombies weren't slow and "urrrgh braaains" but more like "BITCH, GIVE ME DEM BRAINS!". I started to watch the film and got a call to go to the pub in Marden cos their email wasn't working (which later I found it eventually sent, but nobody bothered to say anything) which was a bit annoying as I got stuck in fucking queues because somebody ran down a pedestrian.

So that ate two trips (to work) worth of petrol getting there. But the good thing about it was I had a wonderful steak so that makes up for the 3 rounds of petrol I now don't have.

Then, got home and finished the film which was TEH BASTE EVAR!

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