Кевин (mmn) wrote,


Communism isn't a bad thing, in theory it's a good thing where everybody is taken care of in a nice way. Although some people really fucked it up by going on killing sprees and oppressing the people, but hey, that's going on in The World's Greatest Democracy™ right now, so it's quite logical to say any system we adopt we'll just fuck it up, because we're human.

Humans are bastards, quite like the chimpanzee who has been known to kill each other just for the sake of it, but then again we're nothing like chimps, but only if you believe the Bush Education Policy of "IF IT AINT IN THE BIBLE IT'S LIES".

Seriously, think about it, when is the last time you saw a rabbit for instance set up an opressive regime on the Yorkshire moors and attack the rabbits of, er, Shropshire. You haven't, because they're not cunting humans. Seriously, just because we can walk up right and say shit in one of the many languages that this wonderful Earth place has, doesn't mean we're really *that* important, think of it, have you ever seen a cat form of Jade Goodie, didn't think so.

Further to my arguement we're worse than sheep, why you may ask, because sheep generally have a bit more sense to follow some loonatic with a crazy 'tash and slaughter off, er, cows because it blames the decline in the, er, grass growth. Or something.

Anyways, the entire point of this post is to say, as a species we're a waste of fucking time and I shall rejoice when our new Alien overloards enslave us (on the condition that I can join them in enslaving the rest of you bastards).

Also, considering that the American government is so paranoid about everything, I think I'll enjoy my trip to Cuba and the torture and interrogation over "WHY ARE YOU HELPING ET" and "FROM WHAT PLANET ARE THEY ATTACKING?".

Happy Earth Day bitches, keep on driving your Hummers like you do now and soon it shall be your last!

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