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Realisation time....

I've come to some of the following realisations:

1) I must start support LiveJournal, coz I've used their service for so long and never gave anything back.... yet.

2) Stop posting my drunken antics, the father unit can read this journal at will. Then again so can the friend bots, so it seems I have a dilemma.

3) I've decided to become crime fighting homo and I'll use my passport as a fake
police ID. Yes that'll work, it'll work fine you hear!

4) Canada blows goats, why coz I have to do my taxes *again*, really can't they just make me do it once and let all my unclaimed extra income go un-noticed? Stupid country.

5) I should start sleeping more, but if you can't tell from the time stamp I'm too much of a dunce to take my own advice, so fuck it.

6) Me and the vodka have become too close in the past month or so, that's why I'm getting a divorce. Well until my birthday, or that occasional party at a friends house (or my own for that matter).

7) Stop realising things, it takes too much brain power.

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