Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Rio Ferdinand banned for speeding.

United footballer Rio Ferdinand has been banned from driving for 28 days after
he was caught overtaking a police car at 105mph.

The England international, who admitted speeding, drove past the patrol
car on the M6 in Staffordshire on 9 January.

Ferdinand, 26, of Alderley Edge, Cheshire, was also fined £1,500 by
magistrates in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

The defender, who was not in court, was criticised by the chairman of the
bench for failing to set a good example.

'Role model'

It is Ferdinand's fourth driving ban, following convictions for
drink-driving in 1997 and speeding in 2002 and 2003.

Sentencing Ferdinand, Ashley Howells said: "This court views speeding on
local highways most seriously, particularly when the speed is more than 100mph,
and our view is that Mr Ferdinand must be disqualified.

"He is a role model and should be a positive role model for young people
in society and this does not give out the right message."

Ferdinand, who is currently in Africa doing charity work, was also
ordered to pay £35 in prosecution costs.

Earlier, prosecutor Sandie Laughlin told the court that the England
star's high-powered Chrysler was tracked by police travelling at an average of
105.9mph over a distance of nearly two miles.

The British legal system fails to impress me once again.  If that were
you or I, our licence would have been removed in the first incident in 1997, but
since he's some over paid toss monkey he gets away with it.

Too bad the public can't appeal the sentance for a full ban.



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