Кевин (mmn) wrote,


All mine! MWAHAHAHA (until such time my repairs are complete).

I had to put down 50 notes to it, to pay for petrol and shit. Most unamused about that as nobody told me until about 20 minutes before I got the car, so I arranged the cash and we're sorted.

Except the new problem is they return it by cheque and post it. It needs to clear in by the 5th as that was next month's insurance money (SAD FACE).

Speaking of insurance, nobody is aware of anything at all. The hire car is susposed to go on my policy, but I can't drive 3rd party cars. I ring Direct Line up, they want the car details to put against my policy. However, Enterprise seem confident that it just replaces my other car. ok. I shall be ringing direct line up now.

In other news, I had to pay £10 for petrol in to the hire car. I failed to obtain a receipt (durr), so I'll just demand a £5 back if I don't end up using it all before I send it back.

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