Кевин (mmn) wrote,

In more upbeat news...

.... I've found an IT Support Assistant job in Melksham which I've got the recruiting agency to put my CV in, I've got a telephone interview on Thursday afternoon with Vodafone for a customer services job (Trowbridge) and again on Thursday I'm off in to Swindon for a screening interview thing with an agency recruiting for a customer services job in Swindon (obviously).

I've got good hopes for the IT Assistant (for obvious reasons) and the Vodafone job (as if they didn't think I was worth their time they wouldn't have taken me to the interview stage). As for the Swindon job, no real feelings on it until I gain more information than the blerb on the reed site.

See the universe makes my morning hell to deliver happyness and joy, but you'd think it just throw on the happy good stuff without the pre-joy badness.

edit: From my teh spalling it appears I look like I've got dyslexia. I'm pretty sure it's just lazy rather than corn.

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