Кевин (mmn) wrote,


I still hate insurance companies. I rang up direct line as I'm still stuck on this no-no claims bollocks to find out when the fuck Norwich Union will be paying them so I can start paying my proper premiums only to be told they didn't get around to asking for the dosh until last friday. Seriously, two farking months after the garage invoiced them they finally decided to get around to it (yes I do realise that I'm not the only person claiming here, but over 60 days to pay and invoice isn't right for an insurance company).

They expect I'll have my 3 years no-claims back probably by next week at some point, although that's a little late on my direct debit. But they've said they'll re-credit the extra premiums I've paid, so I guess I win. But to be honest I'd rather have the cash in hand now rather than a discount on my final payment next june.

In other news, I need to top up my home phone since I've got about £1.03 call credit on it. Which is enough for about a 2 minute mobile call. And I need to eventually do some work today, but I'm not expecting too much on that side of things.

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