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Got my new three bill. It's a horror show. Sort of.

My calls and texts are on par with what I spent on o2, it just looks worse because I don't have any inclusive anything. £18 on texts, media messages, etc, £12 on calls, £3 on emails comes up to about what I was paying on my o2 line rental. I won't mention how much I've spent on that fucking triange though, it's still not good, but it's about the same as a heavy month on o2. So it hasn't gone to pot.

I'm fine about it now as I know it's coming out of next months pay so I'm not too concerned about it, since it's already accounted for month by month (if it were to pass £70 which is my mobile alotment each month - ie: pretend that every bill is going to be £70, when it comes under that figure it's a bonus and 'extra money' - then i'll be shitting bricks).

And this month's lesson: No buying games, no videos (unless I've got a good reason to download the news) and no attachments by mobile email.

Oh and one of you has an ex-Jersey Mobile number, which costs an extra 15p to text. I have a feeling it might be flamingkitties, but I could be wrong.

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