Кевин (mmn) wrote,

Urgent help required to t

Normally my job can be a bit pants but today is one of those times it's all worth it. A few weeks ago we received one of those famous 419 emails on our work addresses, so i did what any normal person would do. I set up a yahoo mail account and replied to them.So far we got past the bank account details which i made up, and the address of a local cop shop and then i get the consultation fee email. So again i did the normal thing.We rang the listed mobile number and harassed our scammer all day. I'm sure he's wound since my supervisor did an indian takeaway followed by my apt thai bride call which lasted about 5 minutes before he put the phone down.So now we're plotting fridays phone calls so any suggestions will be considered and possibly actioned if they're of good quality.Oh and i should mention i've used the regional headquarters of the police as a mailing address so anything posted is likely to be passed along to the national crime squad. So our friends from Lagos will probably receive an unexpected reply.

edit: fucking predictive text bollocks.

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