Кевин (mmn) wrote,

In more upbeat news

I'm almost done my freeipod site, oh how their solicitors will laugh before sending me threatening letters.

Anyways, here is a small taste of it, remember, some bits don't actually work yet and some bits aren't quite finished, but hey I did this in 10 minutes so it's all good.


I am Mr. Jessica Robertson (me mum wanted a girl) and I'm here to tell you about the wonderful website called FreeiPodNano.uk.cx!

It's so grate that everytime I visit it I slap out the old chap and bash one out on to photographs of my father in the nude!

Would you like to join? If so visit the special address below so they can know I sent you to them, then I shall be rewarded with the spunk of the Gods, a shiney new iPod Nano!


Good Day,
Julie Andrews
(Your bestest friend ever!)

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